Jumat, 17 Juli 2009

energy-efficient electric motor selection handbook

This Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook shows you how to assess energy savings and cost effectiveness when making motor purchase decisions. The Handbook also discusses high-efficiency motor speed characteristics, performance under part-load conditions, and operation with an abnormal power supply.

The Handbook contains a discussion on the characteristics, economics, and benefits of standard versus high-efficiency motors in the 1 to 200 horsepower range. A motor performance database is supplied for use in identifying, evaluating, and purchasing energy-efficient motors and includes information on full and part load nominal efficiency and power factor as well as material on specific models and costs. Descriptions of how operating factors such as speed and design voltage effect performance are included. Typical operating conditions are also covered. Steps are outlined for launching a motor improvement program, which includes a worksheet to determine potential energy savings and the economic feasibility of an energy-efficient motor project.

Finally, the Handbook contains a motor test data sheet (Appendix A) and a list of Northwest motor manufacturers’ representatives (Appendix B).

Download this handbook for free in here “Forum dunia Listrik/download/Handbook” (format pdf, capacity: 1,47 MB)

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